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To Energize, Relax & Support Healing


What are the benefits?

Music has profound effect on the human body from reduced
blood pressure to entrainment of brain waves. 

Music has the proven ability to balance the body on all levels.
When there is balance, the body is more effective in eliminating
toxins and negativities. 

Physical level:  Less muscle tension & stress, deeper breathing,
stronger immune system, balanced meridians & chakras.

Mental level:  Balanced brain hemispheres leading to heightened
clarity, focus, production, creativity & quieter mind.

Emotional level:  Calming, soothing, nuturing, empowering,
motivating, uplifting & releasing of negative emotions.

Spiritual level: More connected to God, more enlightenment,
joy & inner peace.

Drums (including banging or stomping), listening to the radio
& singing are some of the least expensive ways to allow music
to impact your life.  Learning a musical instrument or buying
your favorite CD is more expensive but can really help move
stuck energy in your life.

Some people invest in tuning forks & Tibetan Singing Bowls
or Dreamweaving because of their pure sound & researched
benefits on the human body.

On most occasions though you can use intention to any
music to get what you need from it.  For example you can
intend for your signing "DO RE ME" to be as effective as a
tuning fork notes of "A B C" as you imagine the end result
of your singing (to be relaxed, balanced, etc.).

So to help support, clear or open the following chakras
Hear, Sing or Dance to the following notes & music.
Chanting for 7-10 breaths is also very helpful.

Note C helps clear the First Root Chakra
Also consider stimulating music with deep beats
such as Latin American music, drums, or base guitar.
CHANT "Lah Mng" several times each breath.

Note D helps clear the Second Sacral Chakra
Also consider bouncy music or water music
such as clashing ocean waves, thunderstorms, etc
CHANT "Vah Mng" several times each breath.

Note E helps clear the Third Navel Chakra
Also consider mentally stimulating music with
chimes, horns or reed instruments.
CHANT "Rah Mng" several times each breath.

Note F helps clear the Fourth Heart Chakra
Also consider lovely nature sound music.
CHANT "Yah Mng" several times each breath.

Note G helps clear the Fifth Throat Chakra
Also consider singing, listening to repetitive music
such as echoes, ocean waves, etc.
CHANT "Hah Mng" several times each breath.

Note A helps clear the Sixth Third Eye Chakra
Also consider classical music
CHANT "O Mng or Aah Umg several times each breath"

Note B helps clear the Seventh Crown Chakra
Also consider listening to bells, crystal bowls or
circling glass sounds.
CHANT "Nah Mng several times each breath."

                     Frequencies of sound

Radio is the transmission of signals, by modulating electromagnetic
with frequencies below those of visible light

In music & acoustics, the frequency of the standard pitch A above middle C
on a
piano is usually defined as 440 Hz, that is, 440 cycles per second.

Approx. Frequency [Hz] of notes C 262hz
D294hz   E330hz  F349hz   G392hz   A440hz   B494hz

Low frequency sound waves (i.e. low C)
are stimulating (think Rock and Roll)      


High frequency sound waves (high C)
are calming (think classical or nature sounds). 

Fast music has faster frequencies thus they are energizing.
Slow music has slower frequencies thus they are calming.


The more energy the sound wave has the louder the sound seems.
The intensity of a sound is the amount of energy it has.
You hear intensity as loudness and stimulating.

Remember the amplitude, or height of a sound wave is a measure
of the amount of energy in the wave.  So the greater the intensity
of a sound, the greater the amplitude & the power to energize us
or to shut down from too much stimulation.  The less the intensity
of sound the softer and more relaxing it is.


If you want your body to be in a rhythmic soothing pattern
you would want a pleasant sound. Noise generally gets your body
out of rhythm and thus makes us all feel a little anxious.

Some great links on Sound Therapy are: http://www.dreamweaving.com/dwalsg.htm



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